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Areta Selena Khrista.
Nineteen | Chinese-Indonesian | Petite.
Soon-to-be Graphic Designer.

An extraordinary daughter, sister, friend, best friend, and lover(to-my-future-bf-lol)♥

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Thursday, July 17, 2014 | 0 comments
I've just passed my first year of uni life as a design student at Multimedia Nusantara University, Tangerang, Banten. Was it tiring? Well of course. Are rumours about the sleepiness of a design student true? Well.. That thing depends on the person.

My first days of uni went quite confusing. Actually I was really filled up with worries in my mind, about how the curriculum goes, which is different from school's of course; about what kind of people would I meet; about how the lecturer teaches; about how to live by my own; and so on.

But as days passed, I learned that all of those worries really depend on yourself. Depend on how you face it. How smart you manage your time, and how good you are in adapting with people.

You would find dozen of projects to do in just one week. Maybe people would suggest you to work on it days before the deadline, but honestly, I'm not that kind of person, but I still survive though.
I usually do it 1 or 2 days before the deadline, and what you'll need is focus. Because for me, sometimes inspiration comes at the last time, and that's the most important thing you'll need to design. Yes, inspiration. It would be useless working all day long without any inspiration, you would end up producing nothing.

Well, I enjoy being a design student but what really bothers me in being a design student is.. that Design is a subjective thing. That's a really big deal that every future-designer should deal with. A good design is subjective. It may look good for me, but not good for you. It may look fantastic for the lecturer, but not for me, and so on. So the grades for design projects are subjective too.

In my first semester, I faced mostly hand-work subjects which I actually don't really like. (I like digital designs more). But believe me, you'll find less subjectivity in hand-work projects then in graphic designs. And here are some of my works:


The first line is COMPUTER GRAPHIC INTRODUCTORY projects: you make stuffs using softwares (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign), making posters, magazines, etc.
The second and third line is SHAPE AND FORM ANALYSIS projects: you will need to open up your mind and think freely about what you're going to make. The first 2 months you'll make shape and forms on 2D surface, and the next 2 months you'll make it using 3D stuffs like chopsticks, paper, polyfoam, and mix materials.

The first line is FONTOGRAPHY projects, (maybe most of people know it as TYPOGRAPHY), you'll make stuffs using fonts, and as the final exam you'll make a magazine layout using Indesign.
The second line is COLOUR THEORY projects, you'll play with colours using poster colours paint.
The third line is DRAWING PRINCIPLES projects, you'll learn the basic about drawings, draw straight lines without ruler, draw geometrical shapes, and start to learn colouring in the end of semester. And I'm just not that good on this subject.

The first picture is my WEST ART HISTORY comic about Camile Claudel, and the rest of the pictures are my TRADITIONAL PAINTING projects! Each of the project is based on 1 style, picture number 3 is Typography, number 4 is Folk, number 5 is Still Life, and number 6 is Naivism.

And this is my favourite project of the semester :-') A surrealism traditional painting which I named "A Sheep Coated Fox Man"; aimed to the people who is kind in the outside but evil in the inside.


I'm using computer more to do the projects in this semester, except one subject which I hate the most.. TRADITIONAL SCULPTING (photos on the first line). Well this subject teaches us to make sculptures using modelling clay, and I guess I'm just not into it. I don't have the feeling where to put the eyes correctly, or how to make ears and mouth perfectly and others, I just don't like it. Each of the project needs a very long time to spend, it can be like 10-12 hours if you make it day-1. And I'm glad this semester is over, so say bye to sculpting :')

The second line is my DIGITAL PUBLISHING-1 projects, my favourite subject even in the beginning I got unsatisfying scores, because the subjectivity I've mentioned before. But I really like my last project (the last picture), making a brochure of my own event, and gratefully I got a great score! And this is also my favourite one,

My digital publishing-1 final exam: making a illustration storybook for children, and I just lovelove the result (and the score:p) and this is also my favourite project of the semester!

The first line is ANATOMICAL DRAWING projects, at first I was really scared of this subject because I thought I would have to draw the human body and its content, but it's not like that. The first picture is my midterm exam, I have to draw my silliest expression face. The second and third picture I started to learn colouring using pencil colours. The fourth picture is my final exam, building construction theme and coloured by watercolours. The last 2 pictures is my DIGITAL PAINTING projects, you'll have to draw using pen tablets, using the software Adobe Photoshop.

So that were my subjects during this one year. And actually I also got general subjects like english, religion, and art history too. AND OH! I learned PHOTOGRAPHY-1 too! But am too lazy to upload the pics 'cause i forgot to add the watermarks on it. And what's with the annoying watermarks on my photos? I'm sorry guys, but my lecturer said if you upload your original project on the internet, make sure you add watermarks on it, so other people can't use it for any purpose without your permission. WELL THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THING for future-designers :) Because my senior already had a bad experience about it, his photo had been taken by a company and being used for their commercial. For me, that's cruel. So be careful guys!

Well I guess this is my longest post in my entire life. Haha!
But hopefully it can be useful for anyone or even just someone.
Thank you for reading this long post, bye! :)

Please be happy.
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | 0 comments
All my life as I started to grow and become old enough to realise these things, what I am really looking forward to is to make my parents happy. I have been noticing that everyone's growing older.. including my parents. Their strength decreases, their ability decreases, and everything decreases. And in their age they still need to work to fulfill my needs. I occasionally found their tired face, or started to notice the wrinkles in their face, or the white in their hairs.. I do really really want to be old enough to produce my own money and repay them all back, to see their happy faces without having to worry about tomorrow's needs..

I'm sure enough that this will not be read by them, but I still need to say.. that I love you.
I love you even by attitude could be rude some times. I love you even if I am not able to show it.
So please take care always. And be happy. Wait until the day I could finally say,
"Mom/Dad, I've transferred the money for this month. I hope you could check it."

Sunday, February 9, 2014 | 0 comments
"And maybe.. the reason why I'm sick right now, might also be.. 
because of my heart that's unable to see anyone else."

Thursday, November 7, 2013 | 0 comments
As I've promised before in my last post, even if it's toooooooo late.
Here.. I'll introduce my precious ones.

Best(s). They stay <3

My last year of senior high's classmates.

 Chair mate Brothers. Capitea!


GKI Summer Camp 3. Unforgetable.


X-5 classmates. And yes they stay!

And here are my very first best friends in Uni :-)

Stepping a higher level of life.
Thursday, August 8, 2013 | 0 comments
August 2013.

I can't believe that it's August already, and my 3 months of holiday is almost over.
In a few weeks from now, I will have to face a new step of life.
Being an university student, meeting new people, and living my by own, far from my parents.
Not that far actually, it's just between Jakarta and Tangerang, but the fact that you won't be able to see your parents every day kinda worry me.

I'm going to be a Design student, and rumours said that there will be plenty of jobs and tasks to do. Rumours said that I'll face many sleepless night, and get busy all time.
No more leisure times, no more acting like a boss, no more wasting money.
I will have to learn to live my by own, taking care of my own stuffs, using money wisely, and taking care of my own health and especially my mealtime if i don't want to be troubled with my digestive system. Honestly, I'm afraid. And worried. But life goes on, and this is the time for me to grow up.

And what else I've been thinking about is, I met new people these past months.
From GKI Gading Indah to Summer Camp. From my hangout buddies to the ones that I can share my stories with. The ones that at first I'm not close with, but now matters a lot to me.
And my girls, yes they stay.
I love being around them, and now I'm just sad imagine that I won't be able to meet them as often as I can right now. I want to be with them forever, so I hope we can still keep in touch even if we will be busy with our stuffs in the future..
I just can't be more grateful for having them in my life.
They are the reason why I could believe that everything happens for a reason.
I lost things in the past. But that's just God's way to introduce me to a whole new life.

Well, I'm planning to take photos with every of my precious ones and post it in my next post.
You gotta wish me luck for my higher level of life then.
Cheers! x

Even after all this time.
Friday, July 26, 2013 | 0 comments
Seven months can be a short period of time, if you see the happy and beautiful moments that have been passed. You will say that time just flies too fast, which is actually true.
But it will be different if you had a bad memory, it hurt you so bad, and somehow you're still struggling against that pain. Sometimes you can just think, 7 months have already passed, but why won't this pain go away? And then all the past memories came back, filling your brain, and you can't just deny but remembering every cute moment as it happened just yesterday. Yes, seeing how strong this feeling still is, how every little thing still matters, and how I still care made me doubt.. was it really 7 months ago?

Friday, March 15, 2013 | 0 comments
This feeling often confuse myself.
People will usually hate, or at least ignore people who have hurt them,
so why can't I? so why don't I?

Well I don't know, I just don't care what people have done to me.
No matter what they've done, I just can't find a way to hate them back.
I can't ignore them, I do still care.
And I will still be here for them, when they needed me.

Is this what is called sincerity?
Well I hope so.
I just hope that I have the right motivation behind this all,
and not only for personal interests.
'Cause actually I'm not talking about people, but I'm talking about a person.